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Do you want to raise capital? Gain credibility for your startup? Sell your business one day for a healthy sum? Talk to us; we can help you get the right business structure set up for you, draft contracts properly and get the appropriate legal protections in place from the start to maximize the return on your business.

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Toronto on the Cutting Edge of Cryptocurrency Technologies By Shannon L. Corregan Feb 21, 2018 The Toronto City Council is seeking the public’s input on how the City’s commercial sector can better engage with cryptocurrencies. On Feb. 2, 2018, the City voted to engage in deputations between the public and the City Executive on March 19, 2018.

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OMERS Enters Cryptocurrency Market By Shannon L. Corregan Feb 06, 2018 The entry of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System into the cryptocurrency sector represents a new development in the fintech market as larger and more established investors begin to consider how to best invest in this new technology.

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Toronto’s Reputation as Leader in Tech Sector Reinforced as the Lone Canadian City to Make Amazon’s Short List for HQ2 By Shannon L. Corregan Jan 23, 2018 Toronto region is the only Canadian bidder to have made the shortlist for Amazon’s second headquarters. Last week, Amazon announced the much-anticipated shortlist of candidates to be considered for the home of “HQ2,” Amazon’s newest base of operations. The e-commerce retailer entertained bids fro...
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2018 Sci Innovation Competition Builds Global Profile for Local Startups By Shannon L. Corregan Jan 15, 2018 Last week, Kathleen Wynne, alongside the Canada Confederation of Shenzhen Associations (CCSA) and the Sino-Canadian International Innovation Centre (SCIIC), announced the launch of the 2018 Sci Innovation Competition. The competition, which will take place on March 24, 2018, is the Toronto Divisi...

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Feb 21 2018
Events Startup Grind Fireside Chat with WIND Mobile Founder, Anthony Lacavera Feb 21, 2018: 18:30 Anthony is Founder and Chairman of Globalive Holdings, Globalive Communications, and Globalive Capital, and the founder and past Chairman and CEO o...
Mar 03 2018
Events Young Entrepreneurs Conference 2018 Mar 3, 2018 YEC’18 is bringing together innovative students from universities across Ontario who are interested in developing and implementing solut...
Apr 09 2018
Events Toronto Health Innovation Week Apr 9, 2018 - Apr 13, 2018 Investors, partners and ventures will come out for Toronto Health Innovation Week between April 9 – 13 to connect, secure funding a...
Apr 17 2018
Events Canadian Fintech 2.0 Summit Apr 17, 2018 - Apr 18, 2018 Fintech is no longer about digitizing existing financial products. It’s about integrating financial services into applications and services you use...